I started this whole blog today and am completely overwhelmed by the support! So thank you to all of you that have looked, and liked, and commented. It’s nice to know that there are actually people on the other side of the screen, actually reading what I write. 

In other words this is my third post today, which seems like a bit of an over-achievement, but hey, I was productive today: I folded laundry, I washed dishes, I remembered to pick my sister and dad up from school, I started a blog, I got a babysitting job. Since I spent the day before sleeping, watching Monty Python, and sitting in a psychologist’s office this seems like pretty substantial improvement. They say it’s the little things. And whoever they is is totally right. 

My day has been pretty good because of the little things and that’s saying a lot. People read this, I found my task card (health insurance debit card that’s only used to pay for health stuff), my brother got into hilarious antics at school that I’m not supposed to find hilarious but ultimately do (it has to do with cookies and body-slamming and one day will be explained), and last but not least we’re eating Brussels sprouts and I’m one of those people that actually likes Brussels sprouts. (I’m not actually that excited about the Brussels sprouts, but I needed a fourth part of the list…).

And for my major achievement of the day I did not have a breakdown. Woo. Go me.  

Now, for your amusement here is a picture of me and my brother. I am  terrified because he’s driving a go-cart. Quite terribly. 

Okay, bye. 


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