Rice Chex.

I find that in battling mental illness you must look for happiness and humor in the little things in life. 

I’ve mentioned Jenny Lawson, The Bloggess, previously, but I find her idea of “Furiously Happy” to ring very true (for those unfamiliar with said lifestyle, Google it, it’ll come right up) in my life. 

I can’t be happy all the time because I’m too busy making sure my body is actually working, which is a big job. 

This morning’s humor came in the form of Rice Chex as the body of Christ. I mean, obviously not actually. Bear with me. I’m gluten free, I’m also Methodist, which means I take communion about once a month, but unlike some sects of Christianity don’t actually believe it’s Jesus, just symbolizes his covenant. Anyway. Being gluten free means it’s pretty much always up in the air as to what is going to represent the bread, the body of Christ, and so on. And today I took communion with a single Rice Chex and a communion cup of grape juice. Hey, it works.

Now, it’s probably not that funny, but it brightened my day. As everyone took their bread and dipped it in grape juice, I chuckled, ate a piece of cereal, and thanked God for his sense of humor. It’s the little things. 

For this time’s image I chose another picture that makes me laugh. It’s the time my brother shook his butt, and in doing so promptly fell and soaked himself in the freezing stream. Little things. 



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