Bipolar Disorder: It’s Official.

Today I spent three hours at the psychologist’s office. For two of those hours I filled out approximately 800 bubbles of true/false statements about my “personality”, but really what I did for two hours was second guess myself repeatedly. Do I feel sad and down most of the time? Some of the time? Always? Do I always dislike parties? Do I talk to people in public situations? And my personal favorite: do I like fixing door hinges? – at least I think that was one, honestly I was so brain-dead that I don’t remember. Somehow all of this bubbling gave my psychologist enough information about me to formally and officially diagnose me with Bipolar Disorder. It’s a dream come true…

As of yet I don’t really know how I feel, kind of…empty…I can’t really connect any cohesive thoughts, haven’t been able to for days, so my response was: “Hey at least now that it’s official I can apply for scholarships.” So there’s my silver lining: I have Bipolar Disorder and Fibromylagia, I had to withdraw from school and leave all my friends, but hey, at least I can apply for a scholarship. Life is good.

On the flip side there were some amusing things that happened today. My brother performed in chorus at the School Board Meeting. The entire family drove out to see him and he spent the entire performance yawning. We were in fits of hysteria, tears coming from our eyes as we tried to stifle our chuckles, but as soon as we stopped he’d have another massive yawn. It was a vicious cycle, but a humorous one.

For the featured image and for your amusement here is baby me with a particularly bad haircut and particularly lovely facial expression. Today I am feeling the facial expression.


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