Lets be really Hyper.

Today my body decided that it wasn’t feeling the whole “depression” thing. So instead it took a turn for “mania” thing. Therefore, I got a lot of stuff done.

I did loads upon loads of laundry, I washed dishes, I folded said laundry, I got a form notarized, went to Publix, bought Valentines, played Just Dance, sang Fight Song a bajillion times, did karaoke with myself on Youtube, and still have lots of energy just itching to get out of me. Unfortunately, I am supposed to wake up at 4:30 AM so that I can make it to Tallahassee in the morning. This is unfortunate because I AM SUPER AWAKE, which means I will definitely crash in the morning if I don’t get to sleep pretty soon.

On the bright side I am going back up to FSU for the weekend to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Matthew and visit all of my friends.

So this whole being what I’m assuming is “hypomanic” means I am really distractible, itching to move, and think everything is absolutely hilarious. It also means I suddenly remembered the words to the entirety of Les Miserables and might have sang the entire musical loudly while walking around the house, which then turned into Phantom of the Opera, which then turned into Fight Song and Stand By You by Rachel Platten. This was followed by lots of intense Just Dancing, pulverizing the remainder of my dinner with a fork (? I don’t know either, but it was weirdly satisfying), and then a very excited trip to Walmart where I finished up my Valentine’s Day shopping. Let’s just say I got a little more chocolate than necessary. Also, did you know WalMart sells Cadbury Dairy Milk now? I didn’t know they sold that anywhere other than British specialty shops in America.

Now that you know where you can buy Dairy Milk, which I’m sure you desperately needed to know, I am going to attempt to relax myself enough to go to sleep.


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