Tallahassee and Tiny

Today, after waking up at the ripe hour of 4:30 AM, I trekked halfway across the state to Tallahassee to be with my beloved boyfriend, Matthew, for Valentine’s Day and our 1.5 year-anniversary. I arrived to a beautiful day here with blue skies, warm temperatures, and hardly a cloud in the sky.

Upon arrival I had to turn in some withdrawal papers (that they neglected to tell me I needed to finish whilst I was still up here). Following this I spent time with the people I love and have missed up here at FSU.

After some time finishing up his classes and rehearsals he took me out to Chili’s where I had an absolutely delicious meal, then he bought me a beautiful bouquet, and finally he gave me my Valentine’s Day present, a giant plush giraffe that is absolutely wonderful and I love it so much! I have decided to call him Tiny.

Today just goes to show you, and me, that no matter what the circumstances, it is possible to have wonderful days with wonderful people.



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