Emptiness and Crappy Internet Access

Yesterday I was unable to post, as at the approximate time that I went to write a blogpost (11 pm) my internet went out for the umpteenth time this week. We phone the internet company everyday and tell them it’s gone out again, and everyday they tell us just to unplug everything and call if it happens again. Bright House Networks internet access, why are you testing me?

Anyway, yesterday was relatively uneventful. Mostly, I laid in bed and considered the inevitability of death (who am I kidding, I couldn’t even summon that much of a thought process) and watched Black Books (a highly amusing British comedy on Netflix). Following an entire day of either staring at my screen or my ceiling I went to youth group to lead, because obviously I am currently in the best position to do so. It cheered me up the slightest bit, but back home I became quite depressed again.

Therefore, I have spent nearly all of today in bed. I have thought mostly about nothing. I have felt empty. Depression has taken me and simply cut out everything within me that cared what was going on in my life. Thus, I am left in a dark room, with my blank face, my blank mind, and two stuffed giraffes as my company. It’s been a hell of a day.


3 thoughts on “Emptiness and Crappy Internet Access

  1. The FIRST thing I thought when you said your internet was out again was “Bright House Networks”. How can they have such a cheery name and such fucked up internet service? Someone should take that name away from them. The only name they deserve is “Sketchy Iffy ISP”.

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    1. Hahaha, they’ve been driving me up a wall, but now I can only laugh in knowing that they are so widely disliked and “iffy” in their internet services that two people in the “bipolar blogging community” (as I have now dubbed it) can share their disdain. And I agree, their name is rather obviously misleading. Some other possible choices: “We will make you call to complain for weeks before we do anything Networks”, possibly “No Networks”, also considering “If you want no internet Networks”, but I do like “Sketchy Iffy ISP”, it has a ring to it.

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