“The Bureaucracy”

Today’s tale is told in segments.

This morning the cable guy came to fix the Internet, and he was successful (hallelujah!). He did lots of interesting things like make sure I was 18+, ask whether my dog was a girl or a boy, and ask how to get outside (hint hint: this is Florida, it’s the giant glass doors). But otherwise, from what I can tell, he looked at a lot of cords, did a lot of tablet checking, and traipsed the backward. But hey, those 30 minutes of awkwardness were worth the Internet.

Today I spent an hour and seventeen minutes on hold with FSU’s financial aid department. 1 hour 17 minutes where I had to hear the same song with the same FSU promoting monologue for an hour and seventeen minutes. I finally called from the home phone, whilst I continued my hold on cellphone, to see if they’d simply forgotten I was there, or that they didn’t want to deal with me. The answer was I was either forgotten or ignored because my call was immediately answered and I was told I had the wrong department to handle my issue. One hour and 17 minutes and I had not reached the right people. I was livid. Mom says that that is just how bureaucracy works.

For my final act I attended a friend’s softball friendly whilst I sat in an eno with friends and discussed life. It was a good distraction.

For now I must depart, I’m exhaus….*yawn*…ted.


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