Still no internet, but lots of happiness. 

This weekend I had my Papa’s funeral. It sucked. I cried and cried, tried to hold it in, saw my little 11 year old brother crying, and cried some more. Overall the service was great. There were lots of flowers, attendees, lots of love, support, and food. For a funeral it went off pretty well. I sand “Be Still My Soul” and was later cornered by old people to tell me I was “an angel” and had “a beautiful gift” and that “my papa must’ve been so proud”. I eventually had to excuse myself to eat, there were Lima beans. I love Lima beans. My Dad’s eulogy was beautiful and sad and hilarious and he made it through without crying. I was super proud. 

Following the funeral I downed a glass of wine so my Nana could get a different kind. I do not suggest that, I was slightly buzzed afterward and hated every second of it. Fortunately though, my southern relatives are good fun a little tipsy and played a “beer pong” of sorts that included my brother trying to throw Easter eggs into a wine glass from quite a distance. Though if he made it he did not drink, because he is 11.

So far this week, from the day after the funeral and forward has been really wonderful. David and I have spent copious amounts of time together enjoying each other’s company. This Friday he’s coming over for dinner to officially meet the parents! I’m pretty excited, not gonna lie. 

In terms of bipolar disorder I think we might finally have gotten a good med concoction for now. It seems to be working and I seem to be much happier, but not manic. In other words, life is good. 


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