A Post of Appreciation

I’m sitting in a hospital waiting room. My Nana is in Stat surgery to relieve a carotid artery blockage. I brought my computer to keep me busy, that way I don’t have too much time to worry or fall asleep.

Earlier my pastor stopped by to pray over Nana and visit with us in the hospital. This visit and a few texts from friends prompted a moment of appreciation. So here goes. Let’s do some name dropping.

Thank you to Danielle, my best friend from the age of five who has been the consistent voice of reason in my life. Thank you to Courtney, my best friend, oboe buddy, and former roommate; she keeps me sane, laughing, and always supports me no matter what. Thank you to Mia, Sarah, Sarah, Emily, Gaelle, Henry, Brian, and Jesse who helped me make it through high school without keeling over; who helped me laugh when I thought I couldn’t, and kept me company when I was lonely. Thank you to Logan and Jessica, two fantastic friends from FSU who check on me to this day, make me laugh, and support me in all of my endeavors, including Survivor marathons and ice cream eating. Thank you to Hailie, Breanna, and Stephanie who helped me through FSU, watched movies with me, and consistently made me laugh even in times of darkness. Thank you to Giorgi and Mike, who were always willing to discuss music, watch youtube videos, and help me walk when I wasn’t capable myself. Thank you to my new group of friends who readily accepted me when I was lost and hopeless: Jess, David, Celeste, Morgan, Hadley, Evelyn, and Ryan, amongst many others. Thank you to Jess for always being there when I need him, making me laugh, and helping me to feel God when I feel the farthest. Thank you to David for being there for me when no one else was, not tiring of my company, making me laugh, and making me feel like I had worth when I felt worthless and loveless. Thank you to Celeste for always smiling, laughing, being willing to share and eno and talk. Thank you to Morgan for coming over to hang out when I’m stuck at home, bringing me food, and listening to me talk when it seems I should have already bored you. Thank you to Hadley and Evelyn for being beautiful, kind, sweet souls who always make me smile, and to Ryan for being there even though we barely know each other. Thank you to Mick and Suzanne for sharing themselves and their lives and love even when times were rough. Thank you to Pastor Richard, Terri, Eliana, Jadyn, and Adriel for being constantly loving and accepting, their girls for being wonderful and loving kids, who are always willing to play, no matter how old I am. Thank you to Bo and Angelyn, Kelly, and Brian who have always been there. Thank you to all of my family for loving me and helping me through my life. Thank you to my sister, Elizabeth, for being one of my best friends, my brother for being a wonderful goofball, and my mother and father for loving me no matter what. Finally thank you to anyone and everyone that has changed and affected my life, you may not be mentioned, I’m only human, but I appreciate you and your support. I love you all.



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