Busy and not bloggy, an issue in regards to blogging.

I haven’t posted in a while. This irks me because I want to have the fantastic will and skill to upload a beautifully witty and insightful blog every day. The issue is I’m at a roadblock. It is far easier to write when you are depressed, unstable, or otherwise unhappy in some way, because then you spend the vast majority of your time isolating yourself from the world and coming up with witty and insightful blog posts. Now that I am actually happy and satisfied with my life I’m so busy doing things that I want to do: hanging out with friends, going on dates with David, being with my family, reading, going to church, going to the beach, watching Survivor, and playing Hearthstone (a recent, addictive addition added by David), that I neglect updating the blog to make time for late night Wendy’s and sitting in hammocks. Alas.

So here is this past week in review, the highlights, err, rather what sticks out as interesting enough to blog about:

-The psychiatrist said my pill concoction along with the life changes I’ve made is really working and that I needn’t see him for a month.

-My Nana got out of the hospital on Saturday, finally, and is at home with us doing quite well.

-I’m not quite sure what else happened this week because I spend everyday with the same awesome people and it runs together but here’s the list of it: David and I hung out every day, it was awesome. He came over for dinner Friday night and last night, played guitar hero, and socialized and bonded with the family. We went to visit Nana in the hospital, and then went on a walk to the river in the dark and the moon had this bright circle around it. David lost his keys in the ocean while attempting to teach me to surf, therefore Celeste, David, and I were stuck at the beach without his car or house keys which began a quest for keys in which we were picked up by his brother, Samuel, drove in Celeste’s car to his house, broke in (thanks to Celeste), and drove back. All in the pouring rain. Adventure. I played Smash Bros. with a group of friends, I lost, like bottom of the group lost. David and I had a long debate over how bacon should be cooked, I believe it ended in a draw. David’s sister, Rachel, came into town and I got to meet her, she is also awesome, the Woodford family as a whole is really great. I sang in the praise band at church, everyone seemed pretty pumped about that, it was most enjoyable. Then, finally, last night David and Rachel helped me set up a Hearthstone account which has made today essentially useless in terms of accomplishing tasks that exist in the not-Hearthstone realm.


That’s what I did this week.

I have nothing to sob over, no time to consider the uselessness of my existence, and no particular mood swings to fret about.

I’m really happy, a kind of happy I didn’t know existed past childhood (although many of you probably think I’m still a child at 19). I laugh, I jump around, I smile and am just really grateful in general that I can be where I am now.

And in this moment I am glad, even thankful, that I endured so much hardship this year, because I firmly believe that without all that I wouldn’t fully experience the joy that is my life now.



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