Two Days of my Life in Reasonable Detail

The past two days have gone like this:

Yesterday my family, Mom, Dad, Elizabeth, and Jared (along with Liz’s friend Shannon) left to go camping. In accordance to the past few weeks I stayed behind to be with Nana with strict orders not to leave her side in case she fell, or started feeling bad, or spontaneously combusted, the options are really endless.

After planning to leave in the morning my family finally got out of the house around 3 pm and left Nana and I with some much needed quiet, lots of dishes, and a complete mess. I spent the consequent hours cleaning like a mad woman and accomplished: the floors, the dining table, the bathroom, and the entire sink and countertop of dishes. Following this I landed on the couch like a lump and realized that for the umpteenth time the internet had ceased to work. Not only had the internet ceased to work, but the phone and cable ceased to work. This happened to interrupt Nana’s and my original plan to watch Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and NCIS. This is when I spent a while on the phone with Bright House while the very apologetic woman apologized for our 2-month lack of internet and a man would be sent in the morning.

About this time David appeared. This is when Nana, David, and I sat around for a few hours trying to figure out what to do. Nana ate some soup. David wanted to play Guitar Hero desperately, but I claimed it would interrupt the serene quietness. We finally went and got my guitar. David played, sang some songs , and then I joined him for some Simon and Garfunkel covers by yours truly. Following our guitar-ing David and I set out for a walk giving Nana instructions on what to do if she felt bad (although Nana is a very capable and sound person who is really very good at taking care of herself). Unsurprisingly our 40 minute excapade was not interrupted by a frantic phone call or an ambulance’s arrival and when I returned home Nana had yet to spontaneously combust. By this point in time the internet had, however, spontaneously reappeared and I played Hearthstone until I fell asleep.

This morning I awoke to my Aunt Pat’s arrival, so now there are three women staying in a house together with nothing much to do other than read, watch tv, or, you know, blog and play hearthstone. We went to Panera for lunch, went to Bealls to buy Nana a nightgown and sweater, went to Publix to buy toothpaste and gluten free bread, and then returned home. Now we have returned to now. I’m sitting on my couch, Nana is napping, Aunt Pat is playing on her phone, and I’m about to play Hearthstone.

The End.


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