Part One

Yesterday I did many things. Here is a description of them in rambly fashion. (I warned you, “ramblings on my life”)

Yesterday morning I awoke to a call from my mother, as I often do, she is just such a good alarm clock! Anyway, she was headed to church and needed me to watch “Phineas and Ferb” (my brother and his friend playing with tools and taking things apart in the garage) until she got back, when I was then free to shower and get ready to church. I showered. I dressed. I grabbed a light pink purse with a large happy face made out of punched holes and a tag that says “Hello. Selfie!” (it was given to me by the pastor’s young daughters: three of my favorite children on planet Earth). I ate a few blackberries. Then out of the door I went.

Service was really cool. We’re doing this segment solely based on questions that the congregation sends in, therefore the sermon was largely focused on a question sent in about the importance of sacrifice.I won’t go into detail, largely because it is so broad it took nearly an hour to give a good answer in a sermon, an endeavor I am personally not willing to undertake at the moment. We took communion, otherwise known as: people step up to receive communion, you dart to the gluten free communion and grab it, then awkwardly nod as people say “This is the body, broken for you” and “This is the blood, poured out for you” because they aren’t handing you food and it makes them and you uncomfortable but you have to smile and bear it because for goodness sakes Jesus died so you could awkwardly stare at people while they whisper about grape juice. Whew. That was long winded. Then following the service we decided to go to Friendly’s, or rather, my friends decided to go to Friendly’s and I needed food and wanted to eat lunch with them even though you can’t really order a single gluten free item at Friendly’s. I had a bunless burger. I awkwardly attempted to entertain the two very nice and friendly girls I was seated with whom I had only met that morning, I felt awkward because I always feel awkward. When I try to keep new people’s attention I feel slightly like a potato who makes dolphin noises repeatedly. I don’t know why. It doesn’t make sense. But the visual is amusing.

David met us at Friendly’s to eat, and thus following the eating of the foods, I left with David and headed back to my house to catch up on the orderings of the day and whatnot. Following a short stay at my house – a stay where David said we couldn’t leave because he liked the chair too much – we headed to the bridge over our local lagoon to explore.

So at this bridge there’s a little tiny bridge underneath the bridge. The initial bridge is really big, like the type that takes like 1-1.5 minutes to get over going 45 mph. The bridge underneath was more like a little peer for fishers. We went out and about, observed the graffiti (most of which had been covered up), and climbed out to the farthest reaches of the bridge to sit by the water.

We stayed there for a while, by the water, listening to the sounds of the cars on pavement, the gulls in the air, and the wind in our ears. I longed for the stark quietness of the mountains as David described his love for the ocean – it was decided that we should go to California.

After some reflecting on our respective fears we returned to the car and decided that Goodwill was as good a place as any to visit on a Sunday afternoon. The Goodwill happened to be a good 30 minute drive from my house. The Goodwill also happened to briefly house our friends Isaac and Alyssa. The world is funny. We walked in and I immediately thought: “Woah is that Isaac?”. This was followed debate in my head over whether or not he was Isaac. Which was followed by a “Hey guys, whats up?”. Yes. Isaac.

I am now very tired and will finish this description of events tomorrow. Stay tuned for part two of my Sunday!


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