Pains and Gains

Yesterday I completely overdid it, I guess. I did Pilates in the morning with a friend of mine, Celeste. Let me tell you, if you want to feel completely inferior to 50 year olds and realize how much your body sucks and how out of shape you are, then Pilates are for you! Go! Enjoy moving your body in unnatural ways, whilst thinking: “ow, ow, why does this hurt? ow, you want me to do what with my legs? ow, OUCH!” it’ll be the bees knees.

After my Pilates experience, Celeste and I had brunch (because why not be the whitest girls possible?). Then we trekked on over to the church to meet up with more friends: Morgan, Hadley, Jess, and eventually Jacob. They ate, we made informational videos for service, and then we all piled in the car to pick up multiple middle schoolers for the middle school program, Blaze. This particular session of Blaze was to be held at the mall, so fifteen middle schoolers later we arrived at the mall. We had made it to ultimate coolness: hanging out with middle schoolers at the mall. You know, that thing that the really cool college students and young adults do?

Post mall I was starting to feel the pain. We headed back to Jess, David, and Ryan’s place for Bible Study. We arrived about an hour and a half early. So I watched John Mulaney on Netflix, and then joined David and Morgan to duke it out on Mario Kart. Following this my legs began to hurt with an intensity that only chronic pain people can understand: The fibro-the hurt-the ouch-the “David had to take me home early so that I could soak in a hot epsom salt bath”. The bath made the pain emanating from my knees downward only slightly better, but it did succeed in making me light headed and puny. So I went to bed.


I woke up this morning at 11:30 to a phone call from my mother, this seems to be a trend, the waking by telephone, not sleeping until 11:30. I felt all the body aches and wanted to roll back over and go back to sleep, but my body was restless, a feeling I also have difficulty describing to people, so I got up and ate lunch.

Mid lunch Morgan called me and asked if I wanted to hang, so Hadley and Morgan started their journey to my house, and I started my (very fast) journey through the shower, into clothes, and finished with the food. They arrived, we listened to Tame Impala on vinyl, we played The Question Game (a game where you ask questions, imagine that!), and watched YouTube videos. We also ate ice cream, a must.

The rest of the day proceeded as follows: we picked up Liz, we went to get food, they left, my uncle took me to get more food, I played Hearthstone, my parents left to get more food.

This brings me to now. I am writing a blog post and waiting for David to arrive.

To sum up the past two days: Having fibromyalgia sucks, my friends and boyfriend are great, we got lots of food this evening, and going to the mall with middle schoolers is the height of infinite coolness.

That is all. Carry on.


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