Sick Day

You know those days where you can’t really breathe because your nose is stopped up, and you can’t really swallow because your throat hurts, and you can’t really move because your body aches, and you can’t really be useful at all because you’re sick? Today is one of those days.

Being sick when you’re normal (health wise) sucks. Being sick when your health is already iffy sucks worse, I can say from experience. Right now I have a yucky cold, a cold that most people, however, could power through, take a DayQuil, and be good. Then there’s all of us out there that struggle with chronic illness. We get sick? We’re done for. I’m already sick everyday, now I’m just extra sick. It’s fun, but it’s life. At least I’m still living and not in eminent danger. You win some, you lose some.


On the bright side I’ve had a pretty decent last couple of days so I will now note the highlights:

-Saturday evening I joined the Woodfords for David’s grandmother’s birthday.

-Sunday afternoon I got to visit with my Uncle Major.

-Monday morning I went to the gym with Mrs. Woodford.

-Monday evening I spent approximately six hours hanging out with David.

In the near future I will elaborate on those subjects, but as of right now I’m a little too braindead. However here is the gist:

David’s grandmother and mother are really awesome, accepting, kind people who were quick to warm and spend lots of time discussing all kinds of things with me, from stories to advice and everything in the middle. It’s really nice to feel accepted into the family, it’s not something I take for granted due to the last few familial relations. It’s also really nice not only to genuinely like the family of your significant other, but feel like they genuinely like you as well.

My Uncle came into town briefly on Sunday and I got to spend some time with him at lunch which was nice since I do not get to see him often.

David’s mom asked me Sunday if I would like to start working out with her, and I will now be doing that twice a week, which, although I do not like exercise, I am pretty pumped about. This Monday was leg day, my weights were wimpy, but Mrs. Woodford was great company and very encouraging.

In terms of David in general I cannot say enough how happy I am with him, how much he means to me, and how much I enjoy spending time with him. He is everything I could ever want all wrapped up in one person. I know that all sounds super duper cheesy and cliche, but it’s true. I love him.


So everything is going pretty well, I even enrolled in a class for the summer, but for now I will be laying in my bed, wishing for company (sick people don’t get much and gosh darn it body I had plans tonight!), sniffling a lot, and going for the record of how many episodes of Scrubs one can watch in one sitting. I think I’ve got a shot!


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