Exhausted, but happy

I had a weekend packed with fun and water. I happen to live on a barrier island on the East Coast on Florida, so water activities are our specialty. Saturday Celeste, Morgan, David, and I went to the beach. It was fun, sunny, beautiful, and warm…and exhausting. Let me tell you, so much as keeping your head afloat in the waves is very taxing! I never realized how hard it was as a kid, then again, my body was much younger then, as I average my body’s health to be that of a sick 50 year old. Following my ten minutes in the ocean I laid on the beach until we decided to get lunch. Then we parted and David and I left to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 2 with more of our friends: Jess and Ryan, David’s roommates. After that, David and I spent the remainder of the evening talking and laughing, and then nearly falling asleep, and then deciding it was probably a good idea for me to go home before we both passed out.

Now Sunday. Sunday I slept in to combat the exhaustion of the previous day. Sunday was boat day. I had the privilege of joining David, his family, and another family friend on their boat. It was fantastic. I happen to love boats. I love going on boats, I love the wind in my face, the salt spray, the water hitting my feet, and sitting on the edge as the boats rocks back and forth in the wake. I also love spending time with David and his family. So all in all it was a win win. I sat in the sun, and leaned on David’s shoulder, and looked into his beautiful blue eyes in the sunshine (for the brief time that he took his sunglasses off). I also swam in the river. I lasted about 5 minutes of treading water before I accepted defeat and came back ashore. By the time we got home the sun was setting, I was exhausted, but happy. We ate dinner and then took our leave, as I was falling asleep sitting straight up at the dinner table.

This brings us to this morning. I woke up, got breakfast, took a shower, and headed out the door to a therapy appointment. My Mom has been concerned as to whether or not I’m receiving Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as opposed to Psychotherapy, as CBT is supposed to be an exceptionally good treatment for Bipolar Disorder mixed with medications. I explained this to my therapist, who then went through a list of Cognitive Distortions we could work on treating, only I don’t have any of them, so there are none to be treating. Apparently this is what’s up: my mind is fine, my psychology is fine, my neurochemical makeup? a little wonky. Basically, the only symptoms I get are a result of Fibromyalgia, Bipolar Disorder, etcetera (apparently possibly POTS, which I will explain in a separate post), and for what I can do, I handle them well. So in light of the fact that I hurt constantly, and I’m tired constantly, and I have to work very hard to do very little, I do it well. So there’s that. At least I handle everything well. Life dumped a lot on me health wise, and I try really really hard to function happily despite it, I’m glad I succeed.

Anyways, continuing on with my narrative for the day, immediately following my appointment I headed over to my college, where I will be taking Biology this summer, and then finishing my AA next year. I had to do lots of stuff, turn in forms, get an ID, get a parking permit, and set myself up with the Student Disabilities Department. All very fun stuff, obviously. By the time I had finished all of this it was 2, I hadn’t eaten lunch, or stepped foot inside my house since breakfast. I was completely exhausted, and still am. Luckily, I got a car. My first car! A silver 2000 Toyota Camry. Its paint job is a little rusty, but it runs! So the does the AC. So all in all it checks off both of my boxes. I also got to buy it from a friend of mine so the process was really easy.

Fast forward to now. It’s nearly 9 o’clock. I’m exhausted, but happy. I think I’ll go to sleep.


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