I haven’t posted. Here’s why. 

So I lied about the post about STRFKR. Didn’t mean to, I was totally going to write a whole blogpost about it, but then life happened, and class started, and packing for moving went full speed ahead, and I was more interested in having time to do schoolwork, sleep, and hang with David than update my blog. But I’ve just received word that if I don’t update my blog David will go crazy from the lack of new material. So here I am, in a Starbucks after class, sitting behind a biology book, updating my blog.

Where do I start? I’m taking the ever thrilling class of Fundamentals of Biology. I just finished my third lab, something on microscopes and I spilled the methylane blue and now my hands are blue. My holter finally came in yesterday and now I look half-droid. My lab partner thought the equipment might be because I have diabetes. That is wrong, I do not have diabetes, my heart just doesn’t work correctly. My compression stockings also came in, I am not currently wearing them so my holter gets a baseline without extra variables. I’m such a good scientist, my professor would be proud.

My mood has been a little under 5 on the 1-10 scale of depressed to manic that I use as a guideline in recent weeks. No idea why, everything has been good. I get little spikes of hypomanic occasionally, they’re nice breaks because I haven’t had the jittery or bad side effects that go with it, just the happy. Today I’m pretty baseline 5, right down the middle, sitting in a Starbucks with a biology book doesn’t thrill me, it doesn’t have anything interesting to converse with me about, luckily that means the antipsychotics are working, I applaud you seroquel. However, due to my depressed affect my lamictal has been bumped another 25 mg and now I take 100 mg. no big deal though, I’m used to taking lots o’ meds.

We’re moving houses soon, about 15 minutes difference. 15 days. 15 minutes. The house is a madhouse. There are liquor boxes everywhere you look because we hit up ABC (a liquor store chain) for boxes. We all look like alcoholics. I’m definitely ready to move so the house isn’t quite so insane. Also the dogs brought home fleas, and they’re biting me. The bug man comes tomorrow and I have to find a place to take the dogs and myself whilst the bug man does his magic. At least there will be no more fleas.

In terms of good things David and I are very happy, silly, and going on 3 months together. We are not that annoying couple that celebrates every month. We are adults. We forget it’s been another month until it has already passed and then we go “oh yeah! That’s right! Go us.”.

In terms of friends and family everyone is good, for once. No one in my house is ill, which is incredibly unusual. It’s a nice change.

I must biology now, then pack myself up and head to David’s. I’ll be back sooner this time.


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