Heart Monitors Suck

Today I am spacey, and out of it, I have a headache, I’m lightheaded, and now, because of all of these things I am cranky and sad.
I have been on a CardioNet heart monitor for a little over a week now, following the orders of Mayo Clinic to see what’s up with my heart, why I have arrhythmias, and whether or not I should be treated for POTS. Up until today everything has been running as smoothly as one would expect, the heart monitor is a pain in the ass, rather, chest, to wear, and it’s rather obnoxious to put under clothing, wear a bra with, sleep with, etc, etc. But it’s a heart monitor, thats what it is – durable medical equipment that attaches like a leech and stays there for days on end, 24/7, except when you shower. Let me tell you, showering, whilst attempting to keep adhesive leads on is quite the undertaking.
Anyway, last night the thing stopped charging. I woke up this morning, went to look and it had essentially 20% after being charged for 12 hours. It then proceeded to turn itself on and off and on and off and on and off….you get the picture. So for the brief amount of time that it worked today, when I was hoping it was a charging issue, I took flecainide, a medicine administered to correct arrhythmias, as part of the experiment to see whether or not it was my PVCs that were causing me so many issues. Unfortunately, all the pill did was make me feel like I was walking in slow motion, light headed, exhausted, spacey, and like my head may explode – all symptoms I truly enjoy experiencing. Then, whilst I was feeling like this and attempting to do a lab in Biology, I had to call CardioNet to order a new monitor, and essentially a new everything (because they’re all interconnected).
So now I am taking a heart monitor hiatus until the new monitor arrives.
For the moment I will be eating a double chocolate magnum bar and binge-watching Supernatural.

Please enjoy this picture of the time I got overheated and David took a picture because he thought I looked “cute”.


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