Today I went about my business. I went to service with David at his parent’s church. I met many wonderful people, I saw an adorable baby, and I heard a great sermon on joy. I got to sit with David and his parents and be “shown off”, per se, as the first girlfriend David had ever brought home. The preacher and his family invited David and me to lunch and we dined and conversed. His seven year old son and I talked about Legos, Star Wars, and animals; ever the subjects of interest. Whilst at church my heart monitor was commented on a few times, I was told I was in prayers and that I was blessed. My legs hurt, my brain hurt (from the heart meds that I get to go off of today!), but I was okay.

But today my soul hurts – my heart aches.

While I was having a nice day, going to church, being with loved ones, eating out…

The family and friends of 50+ dead and 50+ injured were quaking in fear and misery.

While I rested well and rose to see another day…

50 people would never see the light of day again.

I live an hour from Orlando. An hour. I’ve been on the very street that one hundred people were either injured or killed on last night. I could very well know the people in attendance, or the family and friends of those in attendance. But it’s not about me. It’s about them. It’s about the people that don’t know if their family and friends are even alive. It’s about those who have just been shocked to receive the news that they aren’t alive. It’s about the very souls that will never take another breath.

May the outpouring of peace and love spread throughout Orlando and the world, to see a day when we no longer sit, with bated breath, praying that these tragedies will end.


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