I’m tired. I’m tired of wearing a heart monitor, which I will be wearing for the foreseeable future, as best I can tell. I’m tired of being exhausted all of the time. I’m tired of college, but I wish I wasn’t. I’m tired of being bipolar. I’m tired of complaining. 

Today, in Father’s Day fashion, my family left early this morning to go on vacation to The Smokey Mountains, one of my favorite places on earth. So I’m a little bummed out that I couldn’t go because of my Fundamentals of Biology class. Alas. I will be accompanying my Nana this week in adjusting to the new house. We moved. 

In light of my “depressed” monologue I have spent all day with David. I needed a day out of the house and it’s been great. David consistently knows how to make me feel better when I’m down. He loves me no matter my mood, crankiness, or crying. To sum it up David is wonderful and makes life easier and more pleasant to live when I’d rather dwell on the unpleasant. 

I’m exhausted, so this post is now over, despite its short nature. I will be back and more descriptive tomorrow. 


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