Date Night: Hospital Edition

This week I haven’t been updating, as I haven’t been feeling worth anything. I upped my dosage of Corlanor Tuesday night, as instructed by my cardiologist, and from then on I’ve felt like crap. I laid in bed, marathoned Supernatural, and slept for the bulk of three days, with visits from David, a few errands run, and a birthday attended in between. Then yesterday my arms hurt really bad, like worse than fibro bad, and then my chest started to really hurt. I called cardio and got the after hours PA who instructed me to go to the hospital to make sure I wasn’t dying or anything (not her words, but essentially the point).

So David and I set off for date night, at the hospital, where they immediately put you in a wheelchair, stick needles in you, and put sticky things all over you to do your EKG, and then take an x-ray of your chest, and then do bloodwork, and then at the end of it all tell you that you are, indeed, not dying, as you suspected. It was super romantic: I looked my best, with an IV, a hospital gown, and various other cords. In all seriousness though, shout out to David for being the best boyfriend ever, for not only driving me, but then staying with me in the hospital, and then dealing with morphined-up-Susannah at Steak n’ Shake afterwards. He’s seriously the best. He does all of the above whilst smiling, making me laugh, and holding my hand.

If you’re wondering, I halved my dose on the Corlanor and am waiting until Monday for instruction from my doctor. As for now I am tired, and Supernatural is waiting for me.


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