Not always terrible

Most of the time when I begin one of these I start with “today I”. This day I am so tired right now that I couldn’t remember what I did today when I wrote “today I”. Few. That was a mouthful. 

Today I met David at work to meet and go out to lunch with his coworkers. We went to Chili’s. It took a while, and, as per friends meeting a significant other for the first time, they had questions. When I’m nervous and want people to like me I either a) completely shut down and just smile and listen or b) talk loudly about anything until someone interrupts me and I can take a breather. Today Susannah thought the “talking a lot” scenario was the way to go. So I blabbered about anything and everything: my allergies, my experience with college, David’s romantic gestures, cheese, how Justin Trudeau and Obama look at each other, my extreme disliking towards Trump, Liberty mutual, you know, normal introductory lunch conversation. 

Post lunch I got to really feeling quite terrible, so I laid in bed and watched a documentary, chose paint colors, and finished registering for a class. I did this until I was recruited to chop onions to help cook dinner (tacos). 

David showed up around 6 and we ate, waited out a terrible thunderstorm, and then headed for our friends’ 25th anniversary celebration. 

Marriage is really cool, ya know? Like, I’ve always dreamed and strived towards being married. I’ve always dated with intention and been secretly, or not so secretly waiting for the moment I finally get to call my best friend, and love, my husband. 25th anniversaries are therefore very encouraging. I also love love and love wedding photos. Especially old wedding photos. So, all in all, the party was a hit with me, and a reminder that the world isn’t all terrible. At least not always. 


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