I’ve been so gosh darn anxious lately. Jeez. My brain won’t cut itself a break. Around lunchtime I was feeling particularly restless and stressed, so I did what most people would do – I looked it up on the Internet. You know what? The Internet helped for once: 

“Realize that your brain is playing tricks on you.” 

I think I’ve realized. I took a deep breath, prayed, and let go. I’m still anxious, but at least now I remember that my brain is a bloody liar. 

On the bright side I’ve done a few things today to help my brain forget it’s gone haywire anyway. Liz and I had a Sephora appointment to try their new eyebrow stuff. We don’t really do our eyebrows…but they gave us free stuff! I’ve also never felt crunchy was the correct way to describe eyebrows. 

I have also successfully caught many a Pokemon on PG. I’ll be honest, I don’t know what I’m doing, and I’m not really sure how Pokemon works. However, I figure through David’s accumulated knowledge of Pokemon, I’ll get the hang of it eventually with enough coaching. 

Speaking of coaching, my family decided to watch a movie tonight. I was handed the task of finding something everyone, my 11 year old brother, 82 year old grandmother, mother, father, and myself included, would find interesting. I landed on what my brother initially completely rejected as “a sports movie”. After he found out their were no second choices he changed his mind. We watched “Eddie the Eagle”. Although not the type of indie film I’d typically go for, it was good. Had the feel-good of a Disney Channel movie, without the terrible, cringey scripting and casting, and just about everything. Bear with me. The main character, Eddie, appears to be a very driven, high functioning child with autism. He happens to have a particular obsession with being in the Olympics, and despite his bum knees, his relative unathleticism, and everyone (aside from his mom) being against him, he does just that. With just the perfect amount of awkward for everyone to relate. It was inspiring, it made me laugh and smile. And yes it is a bit silly to be inspired by a movie, but I take it where I can get it. It was just the amount of uplifting I needed today. So if you need a movie, I recommend that one. As long as you aren’t looking for any superb filmmaking, or deep philosophical thought, or existential crises. I have movies for those, plenty. This is not one of them. 

For now I shall sleep. Or try anyway. I’ll give it a go.

P.s. It’s a picture of David and myself as Rick and Morty. It’s a long story. It makes me happy. 


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