The day of lice.

Today I found that I’d acquired, you guessed it, lice. Contracted via? Children. Approximate date of contraction? Sunday the 3rd. Conclusion? Lice still sucks just as much as it did when I was a kid.

It’s funny, I don’t think, if you aren’t positively infested, that the actual lice bother one as much as the thought of little bugs feeding on their scalp. I mean, personally, this batch has felt like a few days of unruly dandruff. I can handle that. Eggs colonizing my head? Not so much.

So after an hour of shampooing, followed by combing my own head with a lice comb (more difficult than it sounds), I set off to coat everything I lay on with a pesticide that came handy in my RID kit, bedding and all. Post pesticide I sprayed by head with hair spray, as I believe dirty hair wards off lice, or so I’ve been accustomed to believe, plopped it into a pseudo-man-bun, was told by my Nana and father that I looked like Pebbles, got into the car, and left for David’s house to comb through his luscious locks, where he would hopefully be louse-less. Ahh, love.

David, uncomfortable with the entire scenario of bugs living anywhere near his or my scalp wormed away from the idea of lice, but let me pull my comb through his hair a number of times before he said “that’s enough, I’m good”, at which point it was determined our wild lice chase had come to an end. So I sprayed his room with anti-lice spray, he showed me a song he’d been working on about Freud, I insisted he wash his bedding and towels on hot, he complained that women make life difficult by making men wash their sheets, we cooked dinner. Err, rather David cooked himself dinner whilst I sat in a chair immediately next to him. A watched pot never boils, but if two people stare intensely enough, it will give in.

This is the part where I tell you more about my day and how I am doing, but I am very tired. I was in a better mood these past two days. Maybe it’s the Lithium. Maybe I’ve just given up being stressed for the moment. Whatever it is, it’s nice to not be freaking out, if only for a little while.


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