Too tired to title 

Sleep has been weird lately. Not that I can’t sleep. Trust me, I can sleep – upwards of 13 hours before I actually want to wake up. Problem is falling asleep. Therein lies the tricky part. I just lay in bed. I get restless, have to go to the bathroom again, suddenly hungry, watch an episode of supernatural, soon enough it’s 12, 1 o’clock in the morning and I’m laying in bed, uncomfortable, hot or cold, swollen feet (POTS maybe? Fibromyalgia?), always polarized one or the other, very uncomfortable. Anyways. By now I’m exhausted, but I can’t fall asleep, and I stare at my phone, or the ceiling, until my body just gives out. It’s a fun process. 


Owl pellets…that is how I spent a good two hours of my day today. Owl pellets. Together, my lab partner and I uncovered 4 full cranial skeletons, all of what appeared to be voles. Yes, vole, not mole. No, I don’t know what a vole is. 

Other than my upchuck discoveries, today was relatively uneventful. I got really dizzy, lost a lot of blood, watched supernatural, slept, visited David briefly only to find he was ill, upon which I brought him water and tried to make him feel better. 

I now feel tired. As the picking is slim in going to take it. Goodnight, everybody!


4 thoughts on “Too tired to title 

  1. I actually have POTS and fibro (I have a lot of autoimmune diseases). It’s odd that I come across someone mentioning this in the depression tag- though it is depressing being so sick all the time. Being able to sleep extensively like 13 hours I get too, since I was really young. It’s either an all or nothing with me.

    Anyway, just know you aren’t alone. And, I hope you feel at least a little better soon.

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