Aging and family planning

This weekend David and I had a baby shower to attend, which invariably means that David and I had to go shopping for baby related things. Picture this: young woman, slightly baby obsessed, takes boyfriend on journey to buy items pertaining to something that he still doesn’t know how to handle. He’s said it himself, “babies can’t discuss Dante’s Inferno”. In other words I was in heaven and David was making inappropriate jokes while I was trying to look remotely normal for all the judgy Target moms that went by. It was great fun. Not sarcastically. I actually enjoyed it. We should do that again sometime. 

At said baby shower the couple sitting next to us asked me if we were planning a family. I didn’t really know what to say so I mumbled some jumbled mess of: yes, in future, 19. I’m not entirely sure if I handled that situation correctly. I’m not really sure what one says in response to that. I mean either way you respond you’re going to get weird looks. 

Let’s say I just said: no. Well that’s not true, because we certainly are, at least I am, I just don’t know when. And then it would be one of those awkward conversation enders. Y’all planning a family? No. The end. There will be no more small talk now, and you sure are stuck next to them at this table surrounded by baby stuff. 

On the other hand, let’s say I said: yes. Then they’d just look at me and go “oh y’all are so young, and you aren’t married”. Well obviously I know that. And let’s say David were to look over and then they’d want to talk to him about it. 

Maybe I’m overthinking it a little. 


It just threw me for a loop. Getting older is strange. This year people that know I have no children wished me a happy Mother’s Day. Multiple people. Now they’re looking into my plan for children. Yeesh. 

Not that I mind, I’ll be honest, I like being asked things like that or whatnot, it’s just that I’m not used to it being a serious consideration in people’s minds. 

I am now of age where it’s acceptable to be thinking of children, I suppose. 

I’m also now of age where I can eat ice cream whenever I want. 

Not remotely related, but if there’s anything in the world I love it’s babies and ice cream. 

Alright, I’ve jabbered enough nonsense for a night. 


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