Semi-human with a twist

Today I felt kind of half-human, so when I woke up at 11:40, I showered, and got dressed, and actually left my bed. I put on makeup for the first time in days, I shaved my legs for the first time in…weeks…

I got all ready to go, as I had plans for this evening. My Nana and I went to Bealls in search of some shoes for her, but other than that the day was relatively uneventful. I tried to not lay down in my bed.

David and I had worked out that he was going to pick me up, with my new medications and all, I didn’t want to be driving late, and I tend to stay out past 10 on Friday nights, which is late for me.

Then I made a fatal mistake. I forgot that the last time I drank lemonade my stomach hurt horribly. I’ve lived nearly 20 years and never once have I had an issue with lemonade until just recently, but I presume it’s something to do with the acidity.

Anyway, David’s car battery died and he had to get his friend, Matt, to jump his car so they could change the battery. So the pickup was a little later than previously scheduled.

At approximately 8:00 David and Matt showed up at my door. At this point my stomach was in quite a bit of pain, but such is life, I was going to tough it out, I wanted to go out. About ten feet into my driveway my stomach had a different idea when I projectile vomited onto the concrete (thankfully not Matt or David) and then promptly collapsed to the ground to continue vomiting.

Is this what I get in return for having a day when I feel semi-okay?

David kissed me goodnight as they left, I had vomit all over me, he didn’t care. If that’s not love I’m not sure what is.


2 thoughts on “Semi-human with a twist

    1. Haha, no, enjoy your lemonade! Enjoy it extra in the knowledge that it will not (or should not) make you vomit! But, ehh, I’m fine now, recovering quite nicely. Only trouble is I took my important new mood stabilizer only an hour before I unloaded the contents of my stomach, I’m not thinking much got in my system…


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