I am the supreme rice maker.

Yesterday was David’s mother, Freddi’s, birthday. So we spent a few hours visiting, lounging on her bed, and talking about anything and everything. We were all exhausted for various and sundry reasons, so it was nice to do nothing but visit for a while.

Yesterday was also spent avoiding David’s house, as his A/C went out for the third time, and it is just too hot to function in Central Florida in August without air conditioning.

However, by the time we were done visiting we were starving. Normally this would be met by going to a restaurant to eat, but with my dietary restrictions and the minimal selection of places we wanted to eat at (David wants Chipotle always, I unfortunately do not like Chipotle), we settled on Publix, where we would purchase food to cook. Like grownups.

For me this “cooking” is a foreign concept, and at that moment in time I became so stressed out by the sheer variety of food items that I could cook that I panicked. I cried in the face of frozen vegetables. This happenstance is my constant reminder that I’m not quite the self I’m used to. I resolved that in the future I would plan what I wanted to cook if cooking was to happen, and we entered Publix tear free. David got chicken and bacon, I got fruits and vegetables, and we headed back to his house to cook our meal.

Like I said, as a young adult who’s never been faced with having to cook for myself this seemed almost exciting. How coupley, how adulty, I was cooking with my boyfriend! Huzzah! Maybe I can exist in the real world.

Now, personally, I cannot cook, touch, or think about meat. If I do I can’t eat it, even if I don’t do any of those sometimes I can’t eat it. I don’t have the stomach for it. So I handled vegetables and jasmine rice.

I am the supreme rice maker. David said my rice was better than any rice he’s ever made. I don’t know exactly what I did other than cook rice as I’d been taught, and read, how to cook rice, but let me tell you, I have not been prouder of a skill in recent events. David liked my rice! It’s the little things. Hopefully my next batch of rice can continue my standard of rice excellence.



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