On the importance of air conditioning in my daily life.

So yesterday the A/C went out, which is great because I live in central Florida, which means sleeping without the A/C is…difficult. Now, I realize that I am privileged in my ability to expect A/C when trying to sleep, but honestly, it’s too hot to sleep in Florida without it and I’m not sure how anyone does that. Camping here this time of year is awful, so is sleeping in a big square thing with more insulation than a tent and the same amount of air conditioning as a tent – unless it’s one of those tents with a window unit sticking out of the side, in which case your tenting skills are next level. Or you could just be us and have a popup camper. It has A/C.

Anyway, no air, so I’m laying in a bed but I can’t pull up the sheets because it’s too hot and what sort of animal can sleep in a bed without their trusty sheet and comforter protecting them? because at the moment I would like to be precisely that. Instead I either suffocate or lay uncomfortably, I know, my life is so hard. Isn’t supposed to be fall? Florida, why?

Tomorrow the air conditioning guy comes and I’m not sure I’ve ever been more excited for a random man to walk into my house…aside from when the internet was down. This takes precedent over internet though.

So for now I’ll just be tossing, turning, and sweating.


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