I’ve had a pseudo-crappy week. I went to the psychiatrist, which was pretty decent because he took me off of Seroquel because I’ve been so tired and the Latuda appears to be doing its job. I also don’t have to see him for six months. On the other hand today I went to urgent care and now I’m on antibiotics for a UTI that may, or may not, exist.

I’ve been pretty stressed this week. It’s nearing October, which means it’s nearing January, which means I have to figure out what I’m doing with my life. I think I will be attending EFSC, as that is what my parents want me to do, and it seems like the most viable option. I’m about a unpumped as one could possibly be at this prospect, but it is what it is.

So anyway, I’m weening off Seroquel, taking an antibiotic, and the PMS is real. So I feel like crap. My whole body hurts and I’m exhausted. And when your whole body hurts and you’re exhausted it’s really hard to see the good in the world. I’ll get up in the morning, drive my sister to school, and volunteer. When I get home I’ll be so tired I have to take a nap, then, when I wake up I’ll eat dinner and go to Bible study.

The next day will be even better. I’ll wake up, take Liz to school, and then try to occupy myself for the rest of the day without falling asleep.

Luckily, Friday I leave for Warren Willis Camp, where I will be serving as a worship leader for the weekend. It’ll be a good change of pace. That is the good for now.



Here’s  a picture of my graduation cap, it makes me laugh. That is all


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