What’s Fibro/POTS feel like? An analysis. 

Today my body feels horrible everywhere: my legs hurt, my arms hurt, my head hurts, my everything hurts. It’s like every individual cell wants to explode. Tomorrow I leave to lead worship at a camp in central Florida, so I’m hoping my body will take a chill pill. 

Fibro/POTS pain is hard to explain to people who don’t have those conditions. For me it’s like I want to be snuggled really hard so that my body will stop feeling like it’s unraveling. Or I need to start living in a hot tub that will keep gravity from having such an effect, and then I won’t feel like I’m slowly falling into the core of the earth. It’s kind of like your body is bajillions of cells and you can feel every one of them crying for help. It’s like you’ve spent a week exercising non stop and now your nerves have stopped working correctly and only send pain signals. Or like you’ve stuck a needle in every square inch of your body, and not the therapeutic kind…yeah, I’m running out of scenarios. All I know is I’d very much like to jump out of my body right now so it can reset without including me in the process. No, thank you. Id rather not. 


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