Sleepless in Satellite Beach

Hurricane Matthew did less damage than predicted in my little hometown and we got away with some trees blown about and some fences knocked over and a shed on the lose, but other than that my neighborhood, at least, is fine. Just lots of leaves, everywhere. 

Unfortunately what hurricane Matthew did do was wreck my sleep schedule even more than it was already wrecked and now I can’t fall asleep until 2 am, and then I wake around 11 am. It’s miserable, and I’m attempting to fix it, except my body is on edge and my heart rate is high, and I feel anxious. Any suggestions? I can’t fall asleep, I’ve been trying by reading since around 8 and no cigar, I’m fidgety and anxious and sleepless. (I was blaming seroquel withdrawal, but it’s been quite a while.)


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