Jacksonville regatta chaos amongst other news. 

This weekend was kind of like hell, if hell was being in a hotel room next to a keg-party-having-sorority/fraternity and having to wake up at five only to be followed by a day of watching boats in the rain and a three hour drive. I didn’t sleep, I had to use porta-potties, and I only got to see my sister do the thing I’d come three hours to see for approximately 1 minute of the 11 hour day at the boathouse. On the bright side I finished The Fellowship of the Ring, so not all is lost. Also, Sunday when I came home David took me out to Friday’s and Barnes and Noble where he purchased the only Vampire Weekend album I don’t have for my collection. He’s honestly the best. 

I got summoned to jury duty but my psychiatrist says that’s too stressful for me, so I’m wondering how I’m gonna handle college. I’m hoping to transfer to UCF come fall to pursue a degree in English. Fingers crossed that I’m able to finish my AA in the spring and summer semesters. 

Other than that it much is up. David and I are going to Tallahassee to visit my best friend, so I’m super excited about that. Other than that life is a series of figuring out how to take the next step, and how to afford college. 


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