Tallahassee trip, etc.

This past weekend I visited Tallahassee for the first time since February to visit Courtney, my long time best friend, oboe buddy, and former roommate. I got the chance to go thanks to my ever wonderful David, who decided we should go visit, as I very rarely get to see her. 

It was a good visit, the weather had just turned cool. It was filled with lots of food and hanging out. And to top off a good trip I didn’t run into anyone I didn’t want to. No awkward encounters! Major plus. 

This week I’m still recovering from a cold that has wrecked my throat for about a week now, meaning I’m doubly exhausted than normal. It also means I fall asleep so much in the day that I get squirmy come nighttime when I’m supposed to sleep. Oh well. 

Other than my trip to Tally nothing of particular interest has happened. I’ve read, watched supernatural. I went to see the accountant yesterday, highly recommended, very good film. 

My mood has been curiously okay, except for a few minor incidents. In fact, David recently commented on my good mood, I was making up poorly executed dances to radio hits en route to the movie theatre. He said I seemed happy, but not so happy that the post-manic storm was brewing. Hopefully so, I’d like some peace and quiet in my brain. 


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