College conundrums

I haven’t had much inspiration for what to write about lately. Life has been, you know, lifey – nothing of particular interest. I’m on a new dosage of Latuda that appears to be doing its job, I’ve had a cold for about a week, I’m pursuing transferring back to a four year university, I’m reading The Lord of the Rings for the first time ever, I’m helping lead worship on Sunday. All things I could write about, but none of them particularly interesting. 

The election is coming up, but mostly that makes me want to hide under a rock and pretend I don’t live in America. It’s my first election and I got stuck with these two, I think I’ll jump ship. Honestly though, if I think about it my anxiety flares, so I just don’t. It’s not happening in my mind. 

In more pressing news I’m watching my first ever horror movie tonight, in celebration of Halloween I suppose, but mostly just because I’ve never seen one and with my newfound love of Supernatural I want to see if I can make it through. David loves horror, so we’ll see what he chooses, and if I’m a giant scaredy cat (I’m probably a giant scared cat). 

Looking at UCF has been interesting. I go over there next Tuesday to talk to someone about transferring. I know what I want to do and everything, it’s the getting the money to live over there that’s the issue. Substantial scholarships that are willing to pay for housing are really hard to come by. You would think that scholarships for disabilities would be more likely to cover living expenses (since it would be much easier to attend a school where I don’t have to drive an hour both ways to attend), but it seems they don’t think of that. Also, why aren’t there more scholarships for bipolar disorder? Or just more scholarships in general. College is freaking expensive guys. I have the full stage scholarship, pre-paid tuition, and essentially a 4.0 and if I went right now it’s estimated I’d pay $10,000 a year for room and board, plus $2,000 for books and fees. That’s not even counting tuition. Unfortunately my parents can’t help so I’m kinda stuck, hoping some scholarships will fall into my lap, because if I’m going to go to college, I’d rather go, really go, and live on or near campus, rather than drive all day and exhaust myself to get there. Quite frankly I don’t think I’d have enough stamina to drive there and back and attend classes and do homework. Oh well, I’m sure something will come about that leads me to a solution. 


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