The after Halloween one

Above this you can see the Halloween costume this year. David and I were Juno and Bleaker, gender switched, from the fantastic movie Juno with Ellen Page and Michael Cera. Why? I have a unique love for Michael Cera, so a few months back David bought me his shirt from the movie Juno, my favorite actor from one of my favorite movies. He joked that I should go as Bleaker for Halloween, I joked he should go as Juno, and that’s how we came to this point. Our costumes will be Michael Cera themed for two more years if all goes according to plan…I’m always Michael Cera though, just to be clear.

After a few hours of a pillow under his shirt, a bra, and a wig, David decided he couldn’t imagine being pregnant, or a woman, it was “too hot”. I imagine he’s right, though I’ve never been pregnant myself, seems hot.

Anyway, I spent actual Halloween eating Mexican food, whilst listening to 2000s pop, playing Smash Bros, watching pumpkin carving, handing out candy to children, and then finishing the evening with Sweeney Todd. All in all a solid experience. I’m getting better at Smash Bros.!


Today I went to UCF to consult the transfer department on what my next step in my college career should be. Fortunately, I arrived early enough to grab lunch with an old friend from high school and we were able to catch up. Then I set foot across campus. I was very lost and had to ask directions multiple times as I have absolutely no sense of direction, but eventually with the help of a girl trying to sell me a cookie I couldn’t eat I found the building and made it to my meeting, in which I was informed that most of my prerequisites cannot be taken at the community college I’m taking classes at in the spring. Therefore, here is my dilemma: I need to go to UCF come fall but they don’t offer scholarships to transfer students without their AA, but I need money to live over there, but if I live over there I leave David and my family and friends an hour away, and how on earth does my illness fit into this whole mess? I’m considering just commuting but it’s an hour drive there and an hour back, not to mention the whole actually going to class when you get there thing. Plus, commuting I wouldn’t really get a “college experience”. However, if I live over there I have to borrow lots of money, cook my own food, wash my clothes, etc. monotonous tasks that are hard on my body and provided at home. I would also lose the web of support that I have here.

So if anyone has any insight I’m open to opinions, or suggestions, or scholarships, especially scholarships.


P.S. This entire blog post was written whilst I listened to Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance…


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