The one on Election Day

Today, as everyone freaks out over whether their candidate is going to win I would like to remind everyone of a few things.

My boyfriend, my best friend, and I all have differing political opinions. In fact, I believe we all voted for a different presidential candidate in this election. Funny though, even though we voted differently they’re still my boyfriend and my best friend. I don’t love them any less or think of them any differently just because we think one idiot is better than the other idiot. Let’s face is, it’s a choice between a rock, a hard place, and some other unpleasant places. Nothing in this election is pleasant, and there’s no one I’d like to see run our country. Even if there was though, and David disagreed with me, or Courtney disagreed with me. Who cares? They are welcome to have a differing opinion, they’re still them.

So in this election, on the final day when emotions and tensions are running high remember that we’re all human, we all want to do what we think is best for ourselves and our country, and if we don’t see eye to eye it’s because we’re not a giant hive mind. So try to look past the differences, remember the similarities, and remember to love everyone. They’re doing that they think is best too.

No matter who wins it’s going to be okay. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Plus, you can always move to Canada.


In completely other news I just found out I have an ovarian cyst, so that’s fun. See at least you don’t have an ovarian cyst, todays a good day. If you do, it’s still a good day, just a slightly more painful day – in your ovary, that is.


Happy Election Day!


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