The past week has been a blur mostly contrived of sleeping. Sleep, eat, hang out with David, repeat. I’m on a new dosage of depakote, a drug that at its full dosage made me vomit. So smaller dosage it is. I’ve still remained somewhat depressed, but I think it’s mainly lack of stimuli. When I have stuff to do I’m all for it. Unfortunately I’ve been waking up at around 11 am, which inhibits my ability to do things, tomorrow I have three alarms set. There is shopping to be done. 

Not all that much has happened. I started the new drug, I slept. David and I got a tree! It’s our first Christmas and I couldn’t be more pumped. Christmas is my all time favorite time of year, and Christmas with David will be even better than Christmas without David. This month is just flying by, it seems it just started and we’re already halfway through. That’s what getting older feels like though, or so I hear. Time beats on, and now in less than a month I’ll be 20 – and in less that two months I’ll have been officially bipolar for a year, though I’m not sure that’s something I’ll celebrate. 

Anyway, here’s a picture of David and me and our tree!


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