Christmasish and Princess Leia

I started this post days ago…now Christmas has actually happened and whatnot, but here goes:

I’ve had absolutely nothing to say for days, weeks I think. David has asked where may blog posts are, the issue is they just aren’t forming themselves in my head. Has my life been boring? Not exactly – but nothing to write home about, quite literally. I don’t remember the last time I posted, so I don’t remember what has happened since. I do know, however, that David and I celebrated Christmas a few days early and I am now the proud new owner of Skate 3 for PS3 and The Black Parade by MCR Special Edition on vinyl. Couldn’t ask for anything else. Now, not only can I listen to the sweet pop-punk-emo of the 2000s from the comfort of my bed, I can also suck at video games and purposely try to glitch out Skate 3 like Pewdiepie does it. I’m nowhere close to a gamer, but I like to believe that I’ll be able to make Skate 3 entertaining, because goodness knows I won’t actually be any good at it. What am I doing right now? you may ask – yes, well, Welcome to the Black Parade can only be listened to on repeat.

For David I got a 1972 edition of short stories by J.R.R. Tolkien, he’s a huge Tolkien fan, and said book included a story he didn’t know existed, so I count that as a win.

Today I saw Rogue 1 for the second time, I sat next to my mom who was very disappointed in the ending when **SPOILER ALERT** they all die, as compared to David who halfway through leaned over and whispered “if they don’t all die I won’t like the movie”, all in all very different experiences sitting with my mom and sitting with David. Instead of David telling me what was CGI, what was a funny reference, who was Leia’s adopted father, and what was doubled footage, I relayed this information to my mother who would have been just as lost as I was. Her comment on Leia was as follows: “Wow, they must’ve put a lot of makeup on her.”

^This is as far as I got to a full blog post a few days ago. However, on the topic of Leia, let’s just talk about the passing of Carrie Fisher, the world’s coolest bipolar princess. As a girl with bipolar disorder I’m bummed. I feel like my biggest bipolar role model was pulled too soon. Sixty is young, too young for someone as cool as her. May she rest in peace, and the force be with her.


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