David and I have been talking about how I interact with my surroundings lately, as I ask him to report back to me with findings, and we’ve found that I’ve lacked a lot of emotion lately. It’s just not there. I spend most of my life either with David or waiting to be with David, I never spend any time doing something for me, or enjoying other things. I think it all narrows down to depression. There’s definitely an underlying, high functioning depression there, and I just don’t know how to target it. I just don’t enjoy all that much as of late. I enjoy movies, tv shows, my records, sleeping, and spending time with David. There is a significant lack of diversity there. I just don’t know what to do to be interested in things…


One thought on “Apathy

  1. I know that feeling. There is a possibility of becoming codependent on David. You must love yourself and treat yourself often. Many times, you may tend to get into mechanical mode, doing everything only to kill time until David is there – that is the core of it. That’s what you have to find the strength to address.

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