It’s my birthday! 

Let me start from the top, I was not super pumped for my birthday this year, 20 years. Not because I’m 20, I’m pretty pumped I’ve made it out of the teens, but because both my boyfriend and my best friend were out of town. 

This morning I woke to a call from said best friend, Courtney, that I had 30 minutes to get dressed and come outside. She had driven 5 hours home to spend my birthday with me! She’s the best, couldn’t ask for more than that. We went to breakfast in the wetlands, well first we got her car jumped off by my next door neighbor, then we went and ate with the alligators and birds in a cute little pavilion. Then we went to the mall, then we met up with my family at this cute little restaurant called Tea World that was super good and super gluten-allergy friendly. They even surprised me with tiny gluten free cupcakes. 

From there Courtney had to head out to drive home but we got a solid two meals in. Then I took a nap, as functioning like a human being is exhausting. When I woke up dinner was ready, specially cooked for me. Then I opened presents, including a hanging guitar stand (score) and had cake. All in all a solid 20th birthday. 


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