Welcome to week two

Signing in again after a little while. See, I used to blog when I had free time, but now my free time is largely taken up by homework, sleeping, or hanging out with David…so I’m lacking in the free time for writing blog posts department. 

So far classes have been, classes. I’m finally making it to my speech class for the first time today, as I switched speech classes during registration week, and then we had MLK day and now, finally I will see what my class is like. Not to worry though, I’m caught up in the class, I attended another section of it last week, since I missed my section due to a doctor’s appointment. 

Speaking of doctor’s appointments apparently I have hypothyroidism – or some form of thyroid dysfunction, it could be due to chronic illness, could be due to lack of iodine. Either way apparently it’s making even more tired than I would be, so at least I know part of why I sleep like 12 hours a night, and nap when I can. At least I think. 

Anyway, class is starting. So that’s my brief update. And here’s a cute picture of David. ☺


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