Hello, I’m still alive. 

I’ve been fairly busy as of late. In order to keep up my schoolwork, social life, and getting enough sleep I haven’t really been posting. That ends today on account of the fact that I am depressed, I stayed home today, and I currently can’t motivate myself to do anything else. 

Today I didn’t go to school, wasn’t feeling well. I am depressed. Mostly empty feeling. I’m good enough not to be baker acted, bad enough not to be motivated to do anything. I’ve essentially laid in bed all day. I watched a few episodes of Scrubs. I ate some junk food. My accomplishment of the day? Showering. 

In relatively good news, orientation for UCF is coming up in two weeks. I’ll finally be out of EFSC, the school that leaves me completely unmotivated to do anything. Luckily, my grades are good. I just don’t like going or doing anything related to that school. 

So anyway, that’s about it. I’ll post again at some point in time. 


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