Spring break and Easter

I haven’t been posting lately. Mostly because I, as per the usual when I’m not posting, don’t have much to say. Spring break is over tonight and I am feeling pretty ready for this crap called school to be over. I’ve got two more weeks and then finals. Unfortunately I’ve got a ton of stuff to do in this span of three weeks. So it should be hell. I’ve got to write an entertaining speech on being sick, so far I’ve just got jokes about how well I know my pharmacist, but it’s a work in progress. I’ve also got to take about a bajillion tests, write three essays, and learn the whole of astronomy. No big deal though. 

Spring break was pretty good. I went to the beach a lot, I now actually have tan lines, a feat difficult for this extremely pale girl. I also binged a ton of Scrubs because they’re taking it off Netflix may 2. I might cry. It has been my go to show since I finished the office and I’m only on season 5. 

David and I went on not a double, but a triple date yesterday to vero beach with two of our couple friends. It was a good time until I’d been walking around too long and became completely exhausted in the middle of a bookstore. I just sat down on the ground in the history aisle. Nothing to see here. I’m just so out of shape from being so sick. I don’t have much of a tolerance for activity. I think I’m going to start going to the gym to try to build up my stamina for UCF next semester. 

Oh! And I just remembered! Good news, I held a baby today and I freaking love babies. She was a very happy baby who liked to smile, clap, and suck on her thumb. She was so cute. One of David’s baby cousins. I got to hold her at David’s family’s easter dinner. It’s actually where I first met his family a whole year ago. I was the first girl to ever get to meet the whole family. Makes me smile to think about it. Anyway, easter dinner was good and getting to see David’s family was good. 

In my house today we got easter baskets and went to church together and then worked in the garden. This week my dad has been putting up a fence and we’ve decided to put in a Florida pollinator garden to attract bees and butterflies. We had to work to identify the plants we had gotten, as they weren’t marked or in bloom. But bloom they will and what a happy day that will be. 

School is a mere 13 hours away and I am dreading it, but such is life. I’ll try to make it back here sooner rather than later. 


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