Falling apart

Lately my body has seen better days. I’ve had consistent headaches for a month, which I went to the doctor about and she is sending me for lots of testing: MRI of the brain, ophthalmology appointment, neurology appointment. Today I was stuck in bed the latter half of the day with pain all over, a stomachache, and a headache.  I was stuck in bed all day Wednesday for the same reason. I have an eczema breakout on my nose. I have a brown thing that appears to be growing on my hip. My feet are going numb for no apparent reason. Anything else?

It really sucks because I suspect, as usual, it will be due to POTS or Fibromyalgia, or some other illness they can’t do jack squat about. Sometimes I wish I had an illness that could be treated, or at least other people could tell I wasn’t faking. With everything having been medically crappy lately I feel like such a hypochondriac. Like, what if it’s all in my head. I know it isn’t, except my headaches. They’re in my head. Haha. Get it? Get it? A HEADache in my HEAD. I know…bad right?

I find myself at the end of my semester wishing I didn’t still have a week and finals left. Surely having at least one doctor’s appointment every day is enough of an excuse to skip class, right?… Here I am, lots o’ pain, lots o’ no patience for school left because I literally can’t function because I hurt so badly. Ugh. I hope they find something they can treat…something simple…something not so nebulous.


2 thoughts on “Falling apart

  1. I understand where you’re coming from. I just want them to find something definitively wrong with me so that at least I can know I’m not crazy. I don’t even care if it’s curable (because FMS isn’t, so why bother stressing about curable). I just want proof!

    I’m sorry life has been so hard. I hope it improves soon. Keep your chin up, Warrior. ❤

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