Salvete omnes, Susannah here. This is a page where I tell you all about me. So here goes nothing:

I am a nineteen year old student, of sorts, who had to do a mental health withdrawal from college, and therefore spending my time now doing other things, like writing a blog, watching Doctor Who, reading Furiously Happy, and trying to make my life as seemingly normal as possible.

Along with mental health: depression, anxiety, and possibly bipolar disorder, I have fibromyalgia, which basically means I am in pain every second of every day, but you have no way of knowing because you can’t see it. Trust me though, it’s there. I’ve been poked and prodded by several doctors, and though they know what I have there is no real medical way of curing it, or even treating it, but alas, I continue to exist, and thus there is much watching of Supernatural to be done.

In terms of family and friends, there are a few. I currently live in Florida with my family of five, my parents, a brother, and a sister. My parents are relatively normal except they have me as a child and are actually not normal at all, for all intents and purposes I will refer to them as Mom and Dad or variations thereof. My sister, Elizabeth, is 15 and my brother, Jared, is 11. They are just about as weird as I am, but I still beat them out with my superior ability to have weird illnesses.

Next you have the boyfriend, mine happens to be named David. He equals or even beats me in weirdness, however, not due to any uncanny ability to have strange illnesses. He is weird in the best way possible, in his humor, in his taste in books, and movies, and television, and music, and it’s absolutely wonderful. He also deals with me in the dark depths of my Bipolar Disorder, even if that means he sits and holds me and wiped my tears away for hours.

In terms of me I like music, particularly that in the form of vinyl, literature, dry humor, British television, indie films, national parks, and days where I feel mostly human.

So that’s about it!


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